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IMFH Ministries

Worship With Us

The Ministry of Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer! Prayer is a form of communication between a person and God. Through the ministry of prayer, we offer Corporate Prayer on Sunday mornings at 10:15AM. We also have a ministerial team on staff to pray with you or you may submit a prayer request. We would be happy to pray over your request.


Men's Ministry: Men of Integrity

Our Men's Ministry is established as a means for small group interactions with the men of God. This ministry will identify, develop and release the unique gifts of men into the life and service of the church. It will call men out of their spiritual passivity and equip them for godly influence at home, at church and in society. Rather than adding an extra burden to church leadership, men’s ministry trains men who can in turn train others. Men’s ministry intentionally draws men to God and to each other. By strengthening the lay leadership in the church, men’s ministry serves the needs of the congregation and community.  The ultimate purpose is to develop men to be more Christ like so that they can be used by God to bring other men to Christ.

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Women's Ministry: Women of Faith

Our Women’s Ministry exists to assist our congregations in nurturing, encouraging and equipping women to faithfully and fully use their God-given gifts to glorify God. As a small group, we are able to dig deep into who we are, who we are designed to be, trials and triumphs that have been part of our journey. It has been a placing of healing, discovery of purpose, inspiring and restoring! Women's Ministry sole purpose in to strengthen and encourage women so that they are able to strengthen and encourage others.

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Youth Ministry:

Youth on Fire LIT for Christ

The Youth Ministry strives to provide a youth-centered ministry that will teach young people the fundamentals of Christ while dealing with the pressures of their peers, decision-making, finding themselves and their individual purposes. The Youth Leaders host events, create games, teach the Bible as well as use high-quality biblical resources to empower the youth to engage in meaningful relationships with Jesus.

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Outreach Ministry

Come and Worship With Us

The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet; through personal witnessing, and the sharing the Word of God.  To provide spiritual, educational, and social events and activities throughout the community that will promote Godly relationships.  To equip individuals to serve one another; first within their families, communities, our nation, and throughout the world.
Matthew 28:18 – 20  &  Acts 1:8

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